No Offer.

This information is for illustration and discussion purposes only and is not intended to be, nor should it be construed or used as investment, tax or legal advice, any recommendation, or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy, an interest in any security, including an interest in, or shares of, any private investment vehicle managed by LexION Capital Management LP (“LexION Capital”), including LexION Alpha Fund LP (“LexION Alpha”). Any offer or solicitation of an investment in LexION Alpha may be made only by delivery of LexION Alpha’s confidential offering documents (the “Memorandum”) to qualified investors. Prospective investors should rely solely on the Memorandum in making any investment decision. An investment in LexION Alpha is not suitable for all investors. This presentation has not been prepared for any particular investor or client or necessarily for any particular type of investor or client.

No Guarantees.

Any descriptions involving investment process, models, statistical analysis, investment strategies, and styles are provided for illustration purposes only, may not be fully indicative of future investments, and are not intended to reflect actual performance or to project performance. Investments for LexION Alpha are selected by, and will vary in the sole discretion of, LexION Capital and are subject to availability and market conditions, among other things. No representation is made that LexION Capital’s or LexION Alpha’s risk management, investment process or investment objectives will or are likely to be achieved or successful or that LexION Alpha or any of its investments will make any profit or will not sustain losses. LexION Alpha Performance. Any LexION Alpha performance discussed herein is presented net of applicable fees and expenses, subject to a high watermark, and presumes reinvestment of income. An individual’s returns may vary depending on timing of investment. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Proprietary Account Performance.

LexION Alpha is a newly formed entity and has no operating history upon which investors can evaluate the likely performance of LexION Alpha. For a period of approximately 18 months before the launch of LexION Alpha, LexION Capital tested the investment strategy of LexION Alpha by trading its own proprietary capital in accordance with the investment strategy of LexION Alpha (the “Proprietary Account”). Property Account performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are generally described below. There are frequently sharp differences between Proprietary Account performance and any actual record subsequently achieved. No representation is made that LexION Alpha’s performance would have been the same as such Proprietary Account results had LexION Alpha been in existence during such time. A limitation on the use of this kind of performance is that investment decisions reflected in the Proprietary Account results were not made using LexION Alpha’s assets (even through the performance was achieved for the benefit of the principal of LexION Capital using the expected asset allocation strategy of LexION Alpha under actual market conditions) and therefore cannot completely account for the impact of financial risk or the manner in which LexION Alpha would have been managed and the assets allocated.